Red yeast rice, ANKASCIN 568-R, cholesterol

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    FDA-approved New Dietary Ingredient!

    Key Features

    (1) New Dietary Ingredient approved by the US FDA (report # 855)
    (2) New active ingredients: Monascin and Ankaflavin
    (3) Free of all statins (e.g. monacolin K/lovastatin)
    (4) Free of statins' risks; better than statins' benefits!
    (5) No harmful effects, no side effects
    (6) Patented Monascus purpureus strain: NTU 568
    (7) Multi-national patents (Taiwan, China, the USA, the EU, Japan, Canada, Australia, Korea, Singapore)
    (8) More than 119 research publications
    (9) More-than-ten-year research by the National Taiwan University research team
    (10) Exclusive solid-state fermentation technology
    (11) In vivo and in vitro experiments to prove its benefits
    (12) Scientifically researched functions focus on managing blood lipids (cholesterol, triglyceride, HDL, LDL), blood sugar, blood pressure, improving Alzheimer's Disease, and Obesity
    (13) Clinically-proven functions of reduction in blood lipids and sugar
    (14) Safety assessments include a 90-day repeated dose oral toxicity test, a Salmonella reverse mutation test, an in vitro mammalian chromosomal aberration test, and a rodent micronucleus test in peripheral blood
    (15) HACCP, ISO 22000 certification
    (16) Specification: powders, Monascin ≥ 28 mg/g, Ankaflavin ≥ 9 mg/g
    (17) Daily dosage: 110 mg (blood lipids) or 220 mg(blood sure, blood pressure, and Alzheimer's Disease)
    (18) For more information on Monascus purpureus NTU 568, you may also visit Dr. Pan and his research team at National Taiwan University at here.

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